Posted 01/17/2006 3:37:07 AM PDT

I'm currently volunteering with Dr. David and thought you might like a first hand account of what it's like. Before I arrived, I had obviously read about the work he's been doing with his organization (Where There Is No Doctor)and figured it was something I wanted to be a part of (afterall I signed up to volunteer for three weeks), but it wasn't until I actually met him and saw firsthand what he does that I was fully sold on what I was getting into. Unfortunately, as you probably know there are many organizations out there who, unlike Dr. David, use funds generated from volunteers and others for shall we say "less than honorable" purposes. So, I just wanted to set your mind at ease if you are in fact a bit of a skeptic like me, that this certainly isn't the case here. As Dr. David spends most of the time out in the field helping the hill tribe people not soliciting funds, he currently depends on the generosity of regular individuals to purchase the medication and other supplies he requires for his work. Rest assured, the money is being put to good use. Recognizing that their needs go beyond the mere medical and that there is no one else helping them with these basic needs, Dr. David's work includes such things as building toilets, sending kids to school and other social work on top of his medical work (which if you do the math, adds up to a whole lot of work). The limiting factor is simply a lack of funds, definitely not a desire to help or good, sustainable ideas as to how to go about doing this. So all you people wanting to help a good cause.. look no further... this is it. Donations don't get lost in system here, they have recognizable effects on many people's lives who could benefit greatly (in a life changing sort of way)from a little compassion. As far as the volunteer experience itself goes... It's fantastic! The hill tribe people are absolutely lovely and make you feel welcome in their homes and communities. It is a truly unique and wonderful experience. If you're not excited yet.. you should be. You're going to have a great time. Dr. David is a very goodnatured and incredibly interesting man and I think you would be hard pressed not to be able to get along with him and be inspired by what he does. Good luck with all your fundraising efforts and enjoy your time amongst the hill tribe people.